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We started Cwmdown back in the Summer of 2006, out of a passion for mountain biking, but also the desire to offer something that wasn't really available at the time. We wanted to offer a high quality uplift service, where you can relax on the way up, but also not have to worry that we are going to smash the crap out of your bike. A service for everyone, not just downhillers, but also the average everyday rider who simply wants a lift to the top of the mountain. Whether you are just really lazy, or fancy smashing out run after run on the XC course and DH track, this uplift is perfect for you. It's also a pretty good place to meet like minded riders.


We are open up to 5 days a week, from Wednesday through to Sunday throughout the year, including the Monday Bank Holidays. But do check our online booking page to see what days we are running. 


The Cwmdown team

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