No uplift for Y Mynydd DH Track for a while

Published on 29 June, 2015 by Author
Oh no cat funny
We will not be uplifting on the Y Mynydd DH track for a while, due to the harvesting operation currently underway at Cwmcarn. The road is now closed from the paylodge up to the top of the Y Mynydd DH track. We are now only running on the Pedalhounds/Cafall side of the valley, so any day you book from now on will be for the Pedalhounds Cafall only. If you are currently already booked in for a Saturday or a Wednesday, you will have been contacted by email and/or text to let you know the situation.
I do not know when the route will be reopened, so I don't know when we will be able to uplift that side of the valley again. It could be a few months, it may be 18 months, but it will reopen at some point.
If you have not seen Cafall or Pedalhounds, have a look at this video of Local Rider Joel Moore shredding his favourite trails. Most of the Video is filmed on The Turns in the Ferns (right next to the Pedalhounds) or on the Cafall XC descent. All accessable from the uplift. Bring a DH bike or your Enduro, it doesn't matter.  
ALRIGHT BUTT: Joel Moore, Muddy Bum Bikes from EyesdownTV on Vimeo. 

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