Published on 17 October, 2012 by Author

Another good reason to support our local bike shop, because Paul from PS Cycles has been up to Cwmcarn with me (Darrell) today in his own time and helped to clear most of the puddles on the DH track. Well done Paul, and cheers for the Mars bar. We didn't get time to do the bottom section, from the drop down, or the middle black section, but we'll go back up in 2 weeks or so and sort those bits out.

But most of the track should now be SWEEEEEEEEEEET.....


Paul Puddle

We are going to spend a bit more time up on the trails over the winter, hopefully get them back to a reasonable condition.

We do this on a voluntary basis, as it is actually the resonsibility of Forestry Commission and Caerphilly Council. We don't get paid for this work, and we do it in our spare time.

You can keep up to date with trail work on the Cwmcarn Trail Crew Facebook page.

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