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Published on 8 October, 2012 by Author

Scott Gambler 2013

Scott Gambler 2013

"If you're looking for average, look elsewhere, but if you really have the terrain and the bollocks to take this bike to the limits then fill your boots, for I doubt you'll find much better."

Dirtmag issue 127, go read it for the full review.

Scott Gambler 2013 / First ride from ShapeRideShoot on Vimeo.

Well, we've just ordered a job lot of them, 13 infact......

The team are going to be riding them next year, so expect to see them at the races. I've ordered one too, which I'm very excited about. Arriving some time in Dec/Jan.


Oh, by the way, you can order one now from PS Cycles. Prices are:

Gambler 30 £2599.00

Scott Gambler 30

Gambler 20 £3299.00

Scott Gambler 20

Gambler 10 £4999.00

Scott Gambler 10





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