Y Mynydd Downhill Track now open...

Published on 18 May, 2016 by Author

Cwmcarn Y Mynydd Downhill Track Full Run from Cwmdown MTB Uplift on Vimeo

At long last... The Y Mynydd downhill track is open, infact all trails are open at the moment. So we'll be uplifting the Y Mynydd DH Track at weekends and Bank Holidays, with selected midweek days on the Cafall/Pedalhounds...

The felling operation is still live and will continue until around November this year. So although the DH track is open, you will not be able to access the top of Y Mynydd on foot (or on bike) as you would be entering a retricted area. So you will need to book an uplift if you want to ride it.  

Things are slowly changing at Cwmcarn, NRW and the local authority are in talks about the future of Cwmcarn Forest. So I am hopeful that some time in the future we may see a few new DH tracks starting to appear, to accompany the existing Y Mynydd DH track. 

Y Mynydd Downhill Track not for pussies



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