Cafall XC Trail & Pedalhounds Trail

Joel Moore on Turns in the Ferns


Climbing to altitudes of over 400 metres, this trail gives you a real sense of adventure. Tough climbs and tight hand-built singletrack sections combined with some fantastic steep and technical descents (Watch out for the Hideout, Rocky Valley, Heartbreak Ridge and Powder House sections) all delivering fantastic ‘natural’ feel for the more experienced riders only. You will be rewarded with some amazing riding and stunning views of the surrounding area on a trail that takes you out into some of the most remote areas of Cwmcarn Forest.

You will need to be self-sufficient and expect weather changes on this tough challenging and technical Red graded ‘difficult’ trail. - See more at:

The Pedalhounds trail follows the line of an old club built trail down a steep sided valley on the opposite side to the Y Mynydd downhill and Twrch xc trail. Access to Pedalhounds is via the top of the Cafall XC trail. Designed by Rowan Sorrell the trail starts off in tight rooty woods with technical lines through the trees and then flows down over some open jumps and fast, steep turns before dropping back into the woods packed with swooping turns and drops that leads into a wide open and high speed final section down to the Forest Drive. - See more at:

ALRIGHT BUTT: Joel Moore, Muddy Bum Bikes from EyesdownTV on Vimeo.


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