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Uplift now only available for Pedalhounds/Cafall side of the valley. The uplift route to the Y Mynydd/Twrch trails is now unaccessable due to the harvesting operation currently underway at Cwmcarn. So if you book an uplift on any day of the week, it will be for the Pedalhounds/Cafall only. No uplift currently available on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

Running Times

Day Tickets

£31.50 - Weekends - Bank Holidays

With a day ticket you can use the uplift all day, giving you up to 11 runs in the day. There are 16 day tickets available each day. Turn around time between runs is normally around 30 minutes.

*During the winter when it gets dark early, you will do less uplifts, depending on what time of year it is.

The uplift stops for 45 minutes at lunchtime, nomally after the first 5 or 6 uplifts at around 1pm.


SATURDAY/SUNDAY - Pedalhounds DH & Cafall XC descent - 9.30am-5pm

BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY - Pedalhounds DH & Cafall XC - 9.30am-5pm




5x Single Trip Ticket, £15

Five single trip tickets (given as a wristband) are only available on the day from the uplift driver and cannot be pre-booked. They are ideal during the week, when the uplift is not fully booked out and you only want a few runs or don't wan't to spend all day here. 

You can only use this ticket if there is space on the bus, as priority is always given to riders with a day ticket. So if you want a few sneaky runs over a busy weekend, you will have more chance of getting on if you arrive in time for the first uplift, or in the late afternoon once riders start to drop off, normally 4pm onwards.

There is no time limit to use this ticket, so if you don't use all 5 uplifts, just come back another day to use the others. We can only accept cash on the day for this ticket as we don’t have credit card facilities on site.

Single Trip Ticket, £3.50

Single trips are the same as above, but sold individually, pay as you go.






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