Y Mynydd DH Track

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The Y Mynydd Downhill Track was built and designed by Phil Saxena of Architrail back in 2005. It has undergone a few minor changes since then, but is still putting smiles on faces and smashing bikes like it always has. If you're feeling man enough, give it a whirl.

The plan was to build a course that could still be ridden by less experienced riders, whilst still offering something exciting and challenging to even the top elite riders. And that’s exactly what we’ve got.

Because this course is man made, it drains extremely well. Even when its been raining for a month it rolls really fast and is still really grippy. So don’t ever rule it out just because its wet, infact many riders can pull off a quicker run when it's a bit damp, as the track is a bit more "tacky". It gets pretty wild when it's not rained for a while, super fast and loose....

The course is spilt into two runs at the top. The red run and the black run, which both merge about a third of the way down the hill. The red run is the easier of the two so that’s the best place to start if its your first time.

The black run should be left to the more experienced rider as it’s a bit steeper in places. The whole course is rollable, as long as you’re careful. There are some really big jumps at Cwmcarn, but you can easily go round them if you want to. However, if you do like to fly then you’re in for a real treat.


Y Mynydd DH Statistics

Y Mynydd - pronounced U Munuth meaning "The Mountain" in Welsh

Black Run

Length 1750 metres over a drop of 250 metres

Red Run

Length 1900 metres over a drop of 250 metres

Y Mynydd Downhill (PDF) click to download

Y Mynydd Map



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